Special Needs

Here are some parents with kids who have Autism and other special needs

  1. A Diary of a Mom
  2. An Angel’s Island
  3. ASD Transitions  
  4. Autism Daddy
  5. Autism Hippy
  6. Autism in Our House 
  7. Autism Mom
  8. Autism with a Side of Fries
  9. Bacon and Juiceboxes
  10. Carrie Cariello: Exploring the Colorful World of Autism
  11. Confessions of An Asperger’s Mom
  12. Creating Contentment 
  13. Elvis Sightings: Life with Joy, Her Family and Her Autism 
  14. Frayed Flowers
  15. From the Bowls of Motherhood
  16. Go Team Kate
  17. Life Unexpected
  18. Momtisms 
  19. One Quarter Mama
  20. Quirks and Chaos 
  21. Rhema’s Hope
  22. Sincerely, Becca
  23. Susan’s Blog
  24. The Roc Chronicles
  25. Autism: Try Defying Gravity

Homeschooling With Autism

  1. The Basics
  2. How to Select an Autism Curriculum 
  3. Homeschooling An Autistic Child
  4. Tips and Resources
  5. Curriculum
  6. Choosing a curriculum
  7. Renegade Scholar Homeschooling Autism Resources
  8. Homeschooling with Autism in Cape Breton
  9. Autism Homeschool How-To
  10. Autism and Homeschooling
  11. 9 Tips for Homeschooing Your Child with Autism
  12. Curriculum Materials and Programs for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
  13. Timberdoodle – Homeschooling Autism
  14. Video
  15. Video #2
  16. Video #3
  17. Video #4
  18. Homeschooling Autism 
  19. Book to Consider 
  20. Mama of Many Blessings
  21. My Life as a Rinnagade
  22. Red-Headed Pattie (homeschooling autism mom of 5)
  23. Natural Homeschooling
  24. Natural Homeschooling (Autism Curriculum) 
  25. Homeschooling Preschool ASD  
  26. Time4Learning Autism Education
  27. Meet Penny  
  28. Inside My Autism Classroom
  29. All Things Beautiful  
  30. Sunflower Schoolhouse
  31. Helping Students With Autsim One Puzzle Piece at a Time  
  32. This Outnumbered Mama 
  33. Our Crazy Adventures In Autismland 
  34. Purpose Living Wife
  35. Pea of Sweetness  
  36. Such Times as This 
  37. Every Star is Different 
  38. The Crunchy Spectrum
  39. Special Needs Homeschooling 
  40. Emily’s Puzzle 
  41. Natural Homeschooling 
  42. Autism Mommy Avenger 
  43. An Every Day Story
  44. Homestead Simplicity  

My ideas:

  • binder rings to create little books (a number book, a color book, a letter book, a shapes book, a pictures of family book)
  • Use Learning songs (Here and Here)
  • Learn from those who began this journey before me.
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