The Last One

Today, we had our last speech therapy appointment here in town.  We did decide to drive 20 minutes after our move to meet with our current speech therapist until we start his EIBI appointments.  I like the idea of keeping as many changes to a minimum  as possible.  That would be easier for Little Prince and he has bonded with his therapist and she really likes him too.


From My House to Yours

It is Thanksgiving here and I am truly thankful for all of you!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gratitude Sunday

Gratitude Sunday

Sundays heart felt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

Here are some things I am grateful for this week.

1.  Little Prince trying a new taste and enjoying a new snack food

2.  Princess Belle didn’t burn down the house when she forgot about the kettle

3.  Getting a chance to spend a few moments alone with Prince Charming having a picnic at the waterfront.

4.  Little Prince trying strawberries and loving them!

Taking a Moment

There are little moments that happen on the spur of the moment that can mean a lot.  Today was a day like that. 

You see, I was out picking up a few things with Prince Charming today and we both realized that we were starving.  So we stopped by the deli counter and picked up a few salads and things that we both like and took it with us.  We were going to just sit at a table in the store but then we decided to have a picnic at the waterfront instead.  It wasn’t  planned, it wasn’t a big deal, but it was lovely.  Just a little picnic by the water watching the boats come and go. 

I get such a profound sense of peace when we go to our spot by the water.  Honestly, it was about the best date I have had in a while and when I left the house, I didn’t know it was going to happen.

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to settling in our new home.  There are so many beautiful parts of Annapolis Royal.

It is filled with a rich heritage:

It is filled with beauty:

It has a wonderful farmers market:

They have a lot of wonderful celebrations such as the following just to name two:

Ghost town at Halloween

Victorian Christmas at the O’Dell Museum

I just can’t wait to explore the historic streets:

You Take My Breath Away

I had one of those moments with Little Prince today.  One of those moments when you catch your breath and tears fill your eyes with the shear magic of it and the depth of love you feel for this little person. 

You see, I have this habit of touching him when I walk by him.  I will lightly touch his cheek, rub his head, or something similar and although his autism means he doesn’t usually like hugs or touching a lot, he likes this and he will lean his head into my hand like a kitten or a puppy does.  It is very sweet. 

Well today, I walked by while he was eating his lunch (or looking at his lunch actually) and on the way to check the mail, I touched his chest.  He took my arm and squeezed my arm tightly to his chest and said, “Hug!”.  I was totally moved and just whispered, “Oh baby, I love you!” and he, squeezed my arm again and said, “I luv you!”.  He held my arm tightly to his chest for a few minutes, pulling me down so that my cheek touched his head and said again, “I love you!” 

My boy wanted me to touch him, to love him and he said that he LOVED me!!!  He found a way through his autism to let me know just how much I mean to him and tears filled my eyes and I put my cheek to his hair and said, “Baby, I LOVE you!” again, just because.

It was a very special moment and one I want to remember when we are sitting up together in the middle of the night. 

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