Fit 40’s

I have been working hard to lose the weight I have gained having 4 beautiful babies.  I have tried a lot of different ways, you can read about my weight loss journey here.  In the meantime, here are a few blogs that inspire me and below that is the plan that I am currently following to lose weight.

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  2. just.another.weigh
  3. My Weigh of Thinking
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  5. Tosca Reno
  6. Vicki’s Foodies – Vicki’s Blog
  7. Power Foods
  8. Dr. Oz: Weight Watchers Power Foods List

My Weight Loss Progress:
(had a baby in 2008, 2009 and 2012)

January 1st 2009 — 264 lbs
July 30th 2010 — 258 lbs
January 1st 2011 — 248 lbs
March 22nd 2012 — 243 lbs
August 1st 2012 — 241.6 lbs
January 1st 2013 — 194.6 lbs

I am going to eat healthy, not cheat.  I will NOT freak out over my scales or weigh myself twice a day. I will not measure my success by the numbers on the scale but by the effort I put in.

I have given up being vegetarian.  For some reason, whenever I try, I feel good but I start to shows signs of problems including losing MASSIVE amounts of hair.

My Fit at 40 Diet Plan

  • 1/2 hour before eating a meal have a small handful of nuts and 2 glasses of water.
  • Walk for 1/2 hour every day
  • Stick to meats and plants!
  • Eat until you’re full, don’t go past it
  • Measure Waist size not the scales
  • Eat around the same time
  • Take a multivitamin once a day for insurance and also take 2 grams of fish oil daily and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (which helps with blood glucose regulation and appetite control).
  • Spend Lots of time outside
  • Move Frequently at a Slow Pace
  • Lift Heavy Things
  • Sprint Once in a While
  • Get Adequate Sleep
  • Play
  • Get Adequate Sunlight
  • You do not have to limit portions, because your body will do it for you once you get all the junk out of your system. Still, practice eating until you are no longer hungry, not until you are “full”.
  • You don’t have to eat certain types of food for any given meal.


1. The Paleo diet should be high in fat, moderate in animal protein and low to
moderate in carbohydrates.

2. Eat unlimited amounts of saturated fats like coconut oil and butter or clarified
butter. Beef or lamb tallow is a better choice than lamb or duck fat. Olive, avocado and macadamia oil are also good fats to use in salads and to drizzle over food, but not for cooking.

3. Eat generous amounts of animal protein. Don’t be scared to eat the fatty cuts and all meals with proteins should contain fat as well. Learn to cook with bones in the form of stocks and broths.

4. Eat good amounts of fresh or frozen vegetables either cooked or raw and served
with fat.

5. Eat low to moderate amounts of fruits and nuts. Try  to eat mostly fruits low in sugar and high in antioxidants like berries as well as nuts high in omega-3 like macadamia nuts. Consider cutting off fruits and nuts altogether if you are trying to lose weight faster.

6. Eliminate dairy products other than butter and maybe heavy cream.

7. Cut out all cereal grains and legumes from your diet.

8. Cut out all vegetable, hydrogenated and partly hydrogenated oils. Olive oil and avocado oil are fine, but don’t cook with them.

9. Eliminate sugar, soft drinks, all packaged products and juices (including fruit juices). As a rule of thumb, if it’s in a box, don’t eat it. At the grocery store, visit only the meat, fish and produce sections.

Food Shopping List



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