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Today I am surrounded by stacks.  Stacks of laundry I am doing and stacks and of boxes I am packing. I am really working hard to get ready for this move and am a packing madwoman. Little by little the house is starting to come together. 

As for laundry, I have a plan.  I want to get every tiny little bit of laundry done.  Then I want to gather all the clothes that are owned by each individual child in this house together into stacks.  Then one by one, I will go through the clothes.  Anything that is ripped, torn or stained will go in the garbage.  Anything that doesn’t fit will go to charity.  I see no need to move clothes are no longer useful to anyone in our house.  I expect this will be a full day job (I have a pretty big family), but it will be good to get a handle on who needs what in the future and to be organized. 

On a sidenote, I am pretty sure I am going to have a family closet for all the kids in the new house that will make it easier for me to keep on top of things in this way. 


Kitchen Organization

This morning I was sitting drinking a cup of coffee and I was suddenly hit by the strong urge to sort out my kitchen cupboards.  I really wanted to tidy, organize and condense.  Here are some before and after pictures of my progress. 

Here is my pantry cupboard before (It used to be spices and random containers of stuff):

Here is my pantry cupboard after (Now it is is spices, pasta and grains):

Here is cupboard #1 Before (It was cans and bottles):

Here is cupboard #1 After (Now it is cans, bottles, and prepackaged goods):

Here is cupboard #2 Before (Before it was prepackaged goods and pasta):

Here is cupboard #2 After (Now it is baking supplies):

Here is cupboard #3 Before (before it was baking supplies, girl scout cookies and other random bits): 

Here is cupboard #3 After (Now it is popcorn makers, various chopping and slicing machines, bowls, salad spinner and colanders): 

Here is cupboard #4 before (bowls and appliances): 

Here is cupboard #4 after (appliances): 

Here is cupboard #5 before (colanders, salad spinners, old blender, paper plates, appliances): 

Here is cupboard #5 after (Less used appliances, paper plates): 

Here is cupboard #6 before (Pots and pans piled all helter skelter): 

Here is cupboard #6 after (pots and pans tidied and organized):

As a side note, I took my really old metal cannisters and moved them to the shelf over my washer and dryer to store cat supplies. 

I did it!

I am happy to be able to say that I got the last shelf put together and the rest of the homeschool books put up on it.  I also organized the living room and did 5 loads of laundry today.  It was a busy day but it is good to start my week next week with that much done.

I do think I want two more cabinets like that for our personal books.  I love them because I can lock their doors and keep Little Prince from wrecking the books but the books are still right there when I want them.  I did put some books on a low shelf that I didn’t mind it he looked at them and if he ripped them, it wouldn’t be a big deal.  He was SO excited by those books and the first thing he did was sit by the shelf and surround himself with books.  The girls were allowed to get books off of the homeschool shelves as long as they put them back where I had them.  They were excited and were quick to dig into whatever subjects excited them the most.  I am so glad that we are a family of book lovers!

Next weekend (unless I can squeeze out some time before) I want to get at  the storage area, the front porch, and the laundry area to see what I can do to organize and sort them out. 

Taking Advantage

In an effort to make this place better suited to our needs, I have been getting things to provide more storage to make up for the lack of a basement.  This weekend my goal is to put together three cabinets and fill them up with the things I have planned for them.  So far I spent the day putting together two of the cabinets and filling them up.

My first one, I have in my kitchen to store spices and cannisters.  That made it possible for all of my spices to be together instead of spread all throughout my kitchen!  It also freed up a smaller wooden shelf that I am now using in our little classroom/office/porch area.  It looks a LOT nicer there!

My second cabinet, I have filled with homeschool books, but I am sorting my books by subject area.  So far I have a shelf for art books, a shelf for readers, another for science books and then one for holiday books and books on places (although I am going to have to give each of them their own shelf once I get the other shelf put up as I plan to put school books in that one too).  I have labels I am going to put on the shelves to label the sections so that I can keep like books together. 

The best part about having the cabinets is that the books are sorted and easy to find.  So now they will be easier for me to include in our homeschool day.  It also frees up the little closet they were in so I can use that for storage and clear up my entry way a little. 

It is a little like Princess Magpie says, on the days that they kids aren’t busy with homeschool and appointments, I am busy getting the things done I don’t have time for during the week.  I take advantage of my weekends to tackle my ‘to do’ list.  It feels great to knock things off that list one at a time!

Monday Monday

The best thing I did with homeschooling is to start Funday Monday.  The girls are so excited to start homeschool on Mondays and it is a lovely way to start the week.

Princess Magpie was really upset today when Princess Belle said she didn’t have a lot of friends because people find her weird.  Princess Belle wasn’t at all bothered but Princess Magpie thinks her sister is completely awesome.  She can’t fathom the idea other people don’t understand how wonderful her sister is.

I have made a list of changes I want to make to make this house work better.  I will share progress I make here on this blog.  This will all cost quite a bit of money but I can do it over time and investing in a better, more organized home will be worth it.

  • I want to get a storage unit to make up for the lack of a basement. 
  • I will put our table in the storage unit for now to keep Little Prince safe.  
  • I will buy some bar stools so that we can eat at our very long counter.  
  • I will buy storage cabinets with doors for our homeschool books.  
  • I will move our other books into the corner of my room.  
  • I will make our front step cute.  So it makes me smile when I come home.
  • I will make better use of our entry so that it is less cluttered and messy.

Organising the kitchen

After homeschool today the girls made paper plate wreaths.  They had so much fun!   We were a little late starting because Little Prince kept me up until 5 am.  But we got it all done and I even rearranged the cupboards to make them more efficient and to make more room in the pantry.  It really is so much better now.  Everything has it’s place.  There is a plastics area, an area for canned goods, and one for boxed goods, one for baking supplies and ingredients, another for appliances and mixing bowls and the last one for pots and pans.  It all makes sense and is easily accessible.  It feels so great to get it all accomplished even on a day that I am so tired.

How our Homeschool day goes.

The days are SO long these days.  They are exhausting but they are good.  After I have a coffee and the girls are fed, we do homeschool.  At this point, I am homeschooling the three girls each individually one at a time.  This is long but the girls do better that way.

And now that it is December we are doing a daily Christmas craft.  The girls LOVE that.

Then the girls play with their brother while I take a little tome to cook and clean.  And after supper we watch a Christmas movie before the little ones go to bed.

I find I am on the go from dawn to dusk and I barely hsve time to sit, but I am getting it all accomplished.  Fitting in Little Prince’s four different therapies, and extra house cleaning is the tough part and making appointments for myself is a lost cause.

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