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We are only five days away from the day the first truck comes to take our stuff to the new house (we are using two trucks)!! The countdown is on and I am both nervous and anxious for this to be over.  The girls are finding ways to entertain themselves as I continually pack more and more of their stuff. 

And I like to plan our new house.  I really see us staying their a long time and it is fun to try to decide what we are going to do.  Since this house has wood stoves, wooden beams and lots of that sort of character, I want to continue that in our bedroom.  Maybe because it if fall right now and the air is crisp, right now I am thinking that I want our room to be cozy and comfortable and to remind me a bit of a wood cabin feel.  That would appeal to Prince Charming since he doesn’t tend to like the floral quilts I have been drawn to in the past. 

Here are some pictures I have found inspiring:


Not so bad

I am feeling so lucky, the repair man was completely reasonable and fixed our washer and it only cost us a little money!!!  We have had some unexpected expenses this month.  And on a month that we are moving, we could have done without it, but I think we will be just fine.  Planning helps prepare even for those things that you don’t expect I guess. 

Kicking Butt!!

This little man is kicking Autism’s button and surprising me every day.  Today he decided to eat “paghetti moonles” (spaghetti noodles)!!

This afternoon I cleaned his room, packed up a lot of his toys and gathered the rest of his clothes to wash and sort.  I am finished the checklist I made last Monday!!

GREAT!! Zipping Right Along

I am pretty proud of how much I got done today.  I am working hard and the work is Zipping right along!  The shed is empty, every item of clothes and most blankets have been washed, and the kitchen is pretty much packed!  It has been a LONG HARD process, but it is great to be getting it done.  Last stop . . . Little Prince’s room.  It will be so nice to have a month left to go and be almost all ready to go!

Still in the Stacks

I can’t believe  how much stuff we have stacked in that little leaky, buggy, yucky shed we have outside.  On the upside, I am working really hard today to get everything out of it and hopefully I will get it done today.  If not all the way today, tomorrow morning at the latest.  I am putting it all in stacks in the classroom and we are being overtaken by boxes in there! 

I am working on washing every item of clothing that my kids own and then sorting and through what will move with us and what will go to donations.  Here is the stacks of laundry so far!

I will say that working from breakfast until my body gives out every day makes me realize just how old I really am!!

Monday Madness

I spent the day packing for our move.  I am seeing progress which feels good.  And while yet another expense was added to my list today, I do feel like I am doing my best to get a handle on things.

The girls had an extra day off homeschool today to give me some time to pack and to make up for the fact that Little Prince didn’t go to sleep until 10:30 this morning and a result this mommy is feeling exhausted and a little overwhelmed.

The girls took turns  helping pack and playing outside.

Yay! I can breath

Well, I am relieved.  The only suitable house here in town is not going to work out for us (there is a reason that in a place with so few rentals this place has been for rent for almost 2 years!!!)  and so Prince Charming and I discussed it and we are going to stop waffling around, I am going to stop feeling guilty and we are moving ahead with our original plan.  We are moving to the city as a joint decision.  It isn’t my fault, I am not dragging us.  I am going to be near all the places and people I have missed and it may take time to get a place but that is okay, we know that however long it takes us, that is where we are going.  I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders.  I can breath.  We are going home to HRM, to all the old places and all our old friends and we are both okay with it. 

BTW, I am so happy!  So very happy!!!  I am so relieved!!!  I could do a dance!!!

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