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Okay then . . .

I had an intake interview with a clinical psychologist for more therapy for Little Prince today.  It was kind of funny how it went.  We spoke about what had happened so far and then she asked me to tell her about him.  And apparently that was a trigger I needed to start talking about my beautiful boy.  I chatted about all his cute little quirks, his sweet personality and his difficulties.  I talked a LOT while she took notes.  I obviously don’t get enough chances to talk about my boy.  LOL I have appointments every day this week regarding his various therapies (actually Thursday is regarding therapy for Princess Belle for her Autism).  I am going to be a very busy mommy.


You See This Girl . . . ?

This beautiful girl is amazing.  She may be a teenager, with all those teenage hormones, but she is also a great person who is fun to be around.  She loves to spend time with her sisters and they look up to her.  She also helps with her brother, who adores her completely.  
I’m so lucky that I get to watch her become the woman she’s going to be.

But It’s Okay

Little Prince had a bad last night, but somehow it was okay.  He kept me up half the night but as long as we were together, he was fine.   And a kind of incredible thing happened.  I was sitting on his bed trying help him settle and he walked away from me, walked to the door, touched the knob, and walked back to me and held his arms up!  He was asking me to take him downstairs to the living room!  So I picked him up and took him downstairs to the living room and we watched The Wiggles together.  Later in the night he did the same thing but I wanted him to stay upstairs to settle so when he touched the door I looked at him and said, “No.  We are not going downstairs but mommy will stay with you for a while, come on over here and sit with me.”  We repeated this a couple of times and then he came over to sit with me!  It was almost like a conversation!!  In our own way we communicated.  So we snuggled, I tickled him, I sang to him and I stayed until he was content.  When I was tickling him, he kicked me in the jaw and gave me a horrible headache, but he also giggled the word, “momma” when I was tickling.  I was up half the night,  I have a terrible headache, but I wouldn’t change it.  My boy and I snuggled, we giggled, we COMMUNICATED and he said MOMMA!  It was good.

Little Prince sitting between my feet watching The Wiggles.

Little Prince up late with me

Change and Ownership

My baby girl is growing up.  Princess Snifflefritz has asked us to use her whole name instead of the shortened version we have used since she was born.  It is hard to remember but I am going to try to honor her request.  She is still so little for so much name but she has to have ownership of her name.

It had better end soon!

I am so tired!!  I am beginning to look like an extra from The Walking Dead, I swear!  I have not been sleeping well since we moved.  Last night I was awake at 3:30 am!  At 2 am I got up and went outside to empty the kids pool!  At 2:30 am I started watching Netflix on my tablet while lying in bed!  I just couldn’t sleep.  Needless to say I am a grouchy and groggy mommy today.

Goofing Around

I spent some time goofing around with my girls, trying our hands a taking a couple of selfies.  It was fun and it was a chance to get a couple of casual pics with my girls.  It was part of my plan to include more pics of myself in my recollections of my time with my kids. 

Trying a New ‘Do

I decided I really wanted to get my hair done before my move.  So, I went out to get it cut and colored.  I went to a cheap salon because with money being so tight before the move, it seemed like a good idea.  But, when she told me it would be $15 for the cut and $67 to get it colored too, I decided she was crazy!  So I got it cut and went next door and bought some color to do myself. 

Here is the before.  The thing I like the least is that you can see so clearly how much hair I have lost while losing weight. 

This is after the cut but before I went home to color it.

And this is this morning after I got up, I colored it myself last night.

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