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This has been a day where I plan.  I have been planning ways to make the playroom in the new house safe and fun for all the kids including Little Prince.

I have also been planning ways to make his room safe, comforting for him, as well as cute.

That got me thinking about when we start homeschooling there.  I am trying to find what ways I can make it suitable for every one of the kids.

Then I got to thinking about homeschooling Little Prince when the time comes.  I was researching curriculums, techniques, and tools.

On a sidenote, we discussed Little Prince’s EIBI therapy and homeschooling with his therapist the other day. She told us we are allowed to delay his school starting date for a year to make sure he is more ready.  She feels that allowing him to benefit from a full year of EIBI would prepare him for homeschooling and I agree.  I am hoping better communication skills will help me know how to approach his education.


First Day

Today was our first day of doing homeschool work for the year.  It was a long, long day and I am going to fiddle with the schedule but it went well.  I am totally exhausted though.


The little girls have been really enjoying our little summer school.  And in turn, I am impressed by how well they are doing as we concentrate a lot more on their reading.  We have also been learning about Germany as well, just for fun.  When we are doing Germany, we end with songs in German like counting, ABCs and Disney songs in German.  The girls are having a LOT of fun with it.  I even found a set of Phonics flash cards to play games with that goes along with our reading!!

Princess Magpie practicing her reading

Letter A word drawings

Even Little Prince is practicing his drawing

Phonics flash cards!!!

Summer School

The little girls and I did our first day of homeschool in this new house today.  We started our summer school, which is basically learning about a place (Germany today), poetry (a book for poetry in the classroom I have) and reading.  They had so much fun and didn’t want to stop.

After it was over, Princess Snifflefritz decided to some coloring and Princess Magpie decided to practice her reading.  I love how motivated to learn the little girls are.  Princess Belle is less excited about summer school (LOL not fun when you are a teenager) so I told her we would start with her next week and would only do math so that it would be short.

On a sidenote, I still really HATE my hair!

You See These?

Since we moved here, these two girls can be found in one of two places; either the backyard or the classroom.  They are just so thrilled.  They have claimed these areas as their own.

Fun Fun Fun

We had fun for Cinco De Mayo yesterday.  It was simple but fun and the girls loved it.  In true form,  Princess Snifflefritz declared it her new favor holiday.

Moving on . . . .

Still tired . . . still grumpy.  Still irritated that I can’t sort out a way to make this place suitable for homeschooling and storage.  Since that is boring for anyone to read, I thought I would share some thing that make me smile . . . . .

The bond between Princess Belle and Little Prince is something really special.  She actually told me that if anything ever happened to me, I didn’t need to worry about Little Prince because she would be  happy to take care of him!  Isn’t that sweet?

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