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We are only five days away from the day the first truck comes to take our stuff to the new house (we are using two trucks)!! The countdown is on and I am both nervous and anxious for this to be over.  The girls are finding ways to entertain themselves as I continually pack more and more of their stuff. 

And I like to plan our new house.  I really see us staying their a long time and it is fun to try to decide what we are going to do.  Since this house has wood stoves, wooden beams and lots of that sort of character, I want to continue that in our bedroom.  Maybe because it if fall right now and the air is crisp, right now I am thinking that I want our room to be cozy and comfortable and to remind me a bit of a wood cabin feel.  That would appeal to Prince Charming since he doesn’t tend to like the floral quilts I have been drawn to in the past. 

Here are some pictures I have found inspiring:



This may be a little disjointed but this is a sort of stream of thought post.  I have been thinking a lot of  the new house and how I want things to be.  I want it to be perfect for all the kids. I need to consider that we have little girls, a little boy and teenager.  I need to consider the fact that there are different personalities, creative, quiet, energetic and autistic. And all of that needs to be incorporated into the kids zone of the house.  So here are some of the ideas and inspirational pictures that have been floating around in my head in regards to organization for the kids at the new house.

I would like to divide the Classroom/Playroom area into sections:

  • toys/play area
  • school work
  • reading nook
  • crafting corner
  • television, cozy spot

I have other ideas too that I am thinking of implementing in some way or the other in the Playroom/Classroom area,

  1. Creating picture labels and one word for each of the zones and for the organization of toys
  2. Separate all the into like kinds such as toy dishes, blocks, puzzles, cars, stuffies, animals, board games, art supplies, children’s books, musical instruments, and educational toys
  3. Have a comfy place to read near books as well as a comfy place to curl up to watch television
  4. There needs to be space on the floor to play, a table or desk for creativity,  maybe a tactile board?
  5. I have heard that picture steps, picture rules and instructions posted in the bathroom, dining room and closet.  This will be helpful for Little Prince (autism) and for the girls’ reading
  6. To help Little Prince with his balance and to help him burn off his energy I have thought of a ball pit, a small climbing structure with a slide and maybe a small trampoline
  7. I would love there to be lots of pillows of different colors, shapes, textures and kinds.
  8. The kids would love a bean bag chair, especially Little Prince
  9. And maybe I could have lids on toy bins to encourage the use of language for Little Prince??

And for Little Prince, I have been thinking that is hard to make his room cute as well as safe and comfortable.  I want ways to decorate without him being able to destroy things or hurt himself. 
Here are some things I have been thinking about

  • Decorations for his room could be hanging from the ceiling, things like stars, clouds, or planes
  • Lots of padding and pillows
  • Soft, natural lighting which is better for mood and attention than artificial lighting
  • Soft furniture and maybe quilts or something similar on walls absorb and soften sounds.
  • Having his room be shades of blue may help with creativity and calmness.
  • Alphabet and/or numbers on walls since he is so inspired by them. 
  • He may like twinkling (Christmas type) lights hanging from the ceiling or on his walls. 
  • Someone mentioned a ‘crash pad’ for she has for her son, which is in the corner and it is a padded mat that he can run and crash into when he needs to. Little Prince Crashes into the walls all the time and creating something like this, if we can, may be good for him.

    Trying New Things

    So Little Prince has been running and bashing against the walls (as usual) in his room.  I get worried when he bashes against his window.  He isn’t trying to break it, it is just his way of stopping.  I have been trying to think of ways to keep him from breaking the window.  I was thinking of doing something decorative on the wall which could be attached to the whole wall including the bottom half of the window frame, would look cute, would take the bash instead of the glass, but wouldn’t block his view out the window.

    Here are some pictures I am inspired by:

    I also tried a new color of lipstick today.  I am just experimenting since I dislike my hair so much.

    Great Market!!

    There was a great Antiques and Collectables market this weekend that I had so much fun visiting.  There were so many amazing vendors!  I didn’t buy much that day, but I collected cards from all my favorite people, because there were some wonderful vintage and antique things that I would love to furnish our lovely aged house with.   I am definitely going to go exploring their shops!   

    Look at the awesome finds!  LOVE the old top hat!

    So many cool things to see!

    These were tiny little antique sewing machines!  They even worked!!

    My mom had this exact set when I was a kid!!  I was happy to see them!

    This antique coal stove was built in 1855 here in Yarmouth.  Then vendor was happy to buy it and bring it home to Yarmouth and hopefully someone here will buy to keep it here in the area!

    Prince Charming was thrilled with all the old tools!  

    These were beautiful vintage muffin liners!  So cute!  

    I was told that this is an annual market and I definitely plan on attending again next year!


    I have been organizing and sorting and playing with the placement of things.  Today I was moving around the few things I have in the yard.  I plan to get nicer things but the arrangement I have now is cute.  When I looked out and saw the little girls out there playing, I had to take a picture.  I will say that I rearranged the stuff on the rack once I saw the pictures.

    Kitchen Organization

    This morning I was sitting drinking a cup of coffee and I was suddenly hit by the strong urge to sort out my kitchen cupboards.  I really wanted to tidy, organize and condense.  Here are some before and after pictures of my progress. 

    Here is my pantry cupboard before (It used to be spices and random containers of stuff):

    Here is my pantry cupboard after (Now it is is spices, pasta and grains):

    Here is cupboard #1 Before (It was cans and bottles):

    Here is cupboard #1 After (Now it is cans, bottles, and prepackaged goods):

    Here is cupboard #2 Before (Before it was prepackaged goods and pasta):

    Here is cupboard #2 After (Now it is baking supplies):

    Here is cupboard #3 Before (before it was baking supplies, girl scout cookies and other random bits): 

    Here is cupboard #3 After (Now it is popcorn makers, various chopping and slicing machines, bowls, salad spinner and colanders): 

    Here is cupboard #4 before (bowls and appliances): 

    Here is cupboard #4 after (appliances): 

    Here is cupboard #5 before (colanders, salad spinners, old blender, paper plates, appliances): 

    Here is cupboard #5 after (Less used appliances, paper plates): 

    Here is cupboard #6 before (Pots and pans piled all helter skelter): 

    Here is cupboard #6 after (pots and pans tidied and organized):

    As a side note, I took my really old metal cannisters and moved them to the shelf over my washer and dryer to store cat supplies. 

    I did it!

    I am happy to be able to say that I got the last shelf put together and the rest of the homeschool books put up on it.  I also organized the living room and did 5 loads of laundry today.  It was a busy day but it is good to start my week next week with that much done.

    I do think I want two more cabinets like that for our personal books.  I love them because I can lock their doors and keep Little Prince from wrecking the books but the books are still right there when I want them.  I did put some books on a low shelf that I didn’t mind it he looked at them and if he ripped them, it wouldn’t be a big deal.  He was SO excited by those books and the first thing he did was sit by the shelf and surround himself with books.  The girls were allowed to get books off of the homeschool shelves as long as they put them back where I had them.  They were excited and were quick to dig into whatever subjects excited them the most.  I am so glad that we are a family of book lovers!

    Next weekend (unless I can squeeze out some time before) I want to get at  the storage area, the front porch, and the laundry area to see what I can do to organize and sort them out. 

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