Big Families

I have 4 kids which is considered larger than average. You can read my thoughts on motherhood here.  I LOVE being a mom of lots of kids, I LOVE being a mom and I LOVE reading blogs by moms of lots of kids like those on the blogs below:

  1. A Little Crunchy
  2. All Things Beautiful
  3. Classroom Free
  4. Coers Family
  5. Confessions of a Homeschooler
  6. Down on the Farm
  7. finding joy
  8. Forever, For Always, No Matter What
  9. Homeschool Coffee Break
  10. Homeschool Mo
  11. homeschoolinghelicoptermama
  12. It’s a Boy’s Life
  13. Jeub Family
  14. Just A Little Nutty
  15. Little Home In The Country
  16. Little House in the Suburbs
  17. Magic and Mayhem
  18. Mama of 10 
  19. Meet Penny
  20. Meet Virginia
  21. Modest Mama
  22. Momfever
  23. Multiple Blessings
  24. My Joy-Filled Life
  25. Natural Suburbia
  26. New Life On A Homestead
  27. Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 9
  28. Raising Arrows
  29. Raising Olives
  30. Seasons of Joy
  31. seven clown circus
  32. Sidetracked Sarah
  33. Smockity Frocks
  34. SouleMama
  35. still parenting
  36. Tales of a Pee Dee Mama
  37. The Common Room
  38. The Crafty Classroom
  39. The Forest Room
  40. The Handmade Dress
  41. The Happy Housewife™
  42. The Potters Hand Academy 
  43. The Unlikely Homeschool
  44. thehamricks
  45. Tots and Me 

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    Random Island

    Growing up and Growing older on Random Island

    Monsters Ed Homeschool Academy

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