Tips and Ideas for Organizing your Fridge!

As you know, I love all things organization.  I am the one who gets lost in the containers and shelving section, lusting after ideas I can use in my own home.  So today, I am thinking about my fridge and ways I can improve it.

Here are some ideas I found for organizing my fridge!

Drinks Strategy: if you buy drinks in bulk, try transferring the gallons into easier-to-pour carafes that make use of vertical space.

For those bottles that are better stored upside down (either mustard or those that are getting low) try this cute technique!

Use labels on your fridge door!

Maximize shelf space:  Store shelf-stable bottles and cans in the pantry, and cool them down with ice when you need them.

Stash food in square, stackable plastic containers versus round ones — the square shape lets you store more food, and keeps things neater.,d.b2U&psig=AFQjCNEgD-8En6tQ6zCtLabofjvjEpscXA&ust=1404667589838166

Instead of placing leftovers in huge, space-sucking containers, stow them as individual portions in smaller bins or resealable bags for grab-and-go meals.,d.b2U&psig=AFQjCNH8EXIStOpZnSQUlkJ4-nCtQmHv4Q&ust=1404667850641813

Store things on the shelves in labelled containers

You can use containers in the freezer too!

Try using masking tape and a Sharpie marker (other fine-point permanent markers are available) to create cheap labels for things you stick in the fridge:

You could even try using a color code with your bins!

Have a place in the fridge to store things that should be used first!

Use activated carbon to combat fridge odors

A great tip for keeping your refrigerator clean…line the clean shelves with Saran Wrap or Press’n Seal!

 Store food in the optimal place for it:

 Use a turntable to keep things from getting lost

Position a collapsible wine rack along a lower shelf to keep bottles on their sides. This one holds 10 and is modular, letting you configure it to fit inside your fridge.

Use up-cycled Crystal Light containers to store veggie sticks. Free and fantastic.

Added shelves can take advantage of vertical space while keeping your more delicate items from being damaged:

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