Little Prince had an appointment with his occupational therapist today.  He did good.  He did display some temper when she wouldn’t just do things the way that he wanted him too.  And then he would come over to me and climb in my lap, like he was thinking, “Mommy, I don’t like her anymore.  Can you make her listen to me?”  It was really cute.  We were in a smaller room today.  He was NOT happy to not go into the room he is used to.  But this room actually worked out a little better because there was less distractions.  We plan to use this room more often and I really thing that is a good idea. 

I took him shopping afterwards (just to pick up milk).  He loves it so much I really think it is his favorite part of therapy days. 

Sidenote #1:  It is Friday today and I am glad.  I am SO SO SO tired and could use a day where my sole concerns are catching up on laundry and other housework. 

Sidenote #2:  My diet is going well.  I really thing that the changes I made have helped and I am no longer feeling hungry all the time.  And this morning my pants were looser so my Christmas bloat is going away too!!

Another One

I met with a new therapist for Little Prince today.  I know she is for early intervention, and I know that she will coordinate with his other therapists.  But other than that I really have no idea what her goals will be.  I take all the help I can get for my little man.  He will age out of this particular therapy when he is five so I figure I will use it as long as I can.

Brrr . . . .

We are having a bit of a storm today.  But not nearly as bad as the rest of the province is.  For us it is a bit windy and we had snow last night.  But all in all, if you stay inside, drink a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and enjoy your kids, it is all fine.  I did go out and shovel the walkway in the back of the house (for the mailman) and in the front of the house (for us to get out).  As cold and windy as it was, I enjoyed the physical activity.

We even managed to get everything (homeschooling, shoveling and housework) done a little earlier today so that by three o’clock we could just enjoy each other for a little while before supper!!  So really, for a snowy day it has been a good day.

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I’m Late! I’m Late! To a Very Important Date . . . or just late LOL

We got a late start today and so I was super late getting finished homeschooling the kids.  Thank goodness I put chili in the slow cooker this morning when I got up.  Prince Charming requested some fun toppings to go with it so at 5 pm I ran out to the store to fetch some fun stuff to add to their chili.  (I haven’t even planned my supper yet. LOL)

When I got back from the store, I found all the girls on the floor in front of the television, doing a yoga video!  It was so cute to see them trying to do the moves and falling all over the place.  There is a yoga place in town, maybe I will take them to a real class one day.

Meeting Those Goals

In the spirit of making homeschooling fun like was one of my goals for this year, we did school on the computer today.  I had found some great sites to do fun things that fit right in with where we are in our homeschooling.  I even found some sites to work with Princess Belle.  She had great fun!  I gave her the homework of finding some subjects that she is interested in so that we can do research and do some unit studies to break up the book work.  For this year I am looking to do bookwork but to also do fun learning activities too.  I want school to be fun and the girls were VERY enthusiastic.  It was a GREAT day. 

The little girls did some songs when we started and one of their favorites was The Lion Hunt song.  So after we were done our work, we made some binoculars.  The girls LOVED that and asked if they could make explorer hats next time. 

On a sidenote: I am really struggling with my diet!  I am hungry all the time!!!!  I don’t know what is wrong with me, but this SUCKS!!!!  And for all these hunger pains!!  I am not losing weight!  I mean I am not gaining weight, but I am not losing either.

Woohoo!! Yay!! Happy Dance!!!

I am so happy!!!  I have a desktop computer again!!!  I can blog while properly typing!!!  I can change my blog if I want to!!  I can update pictures of my babies!  I can update my budget!  I am THRILLED!!!  I have a little computer cart in the classroom area so that I can use it when I am homeschooling if I want to!  And there is a door beside me so that I can open it to get some fresh air!  This is a GOOD DAY!

On a sidenote, I have been using my new VERY sharp knives lately and yesterday I cut my finger pretty bad, so trying to type while wearing my bandage is a little difficult but it is still better than using my phone or my tablet!! 

As a result of this wonderful new development, my posts will get back to being a little longer and more fun.  It is just so much easier to post from my computer.  *happy dance!* and *joyful singing!*

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