Hold Me!!

I am so tired and I have a TERRIBLE  headache but I am glad to say I am that much closer to being ready for the move.  It is only 3 or 4 days away!!  AAH!!!!!  Somebody hold me!

Excited Little Girls

The little girls were totally excited to see that their little friend came to visit them today.  They played outside all day and came running in to make sure that I got a picture of them all together so that they would remember her after we move.  It was so sweet.


My oldest girl, Princess Belle just told me that I am one of the best moms she knows!  I am so touched by that spontaneous comment, my heart overflows.  For my teenager daughter to feel that way means so much to me!


We are only five days away from the day the first truck comes to take our stuff to the new house (we are using two trucks)!! The countdown is on and I am both nervous and anxious for this to be over.  The girls are finding ways to entertain themselves as I continually pack more and more of their stuff. 

And I like to plan our new house.  I really see us staying their a long time and it is fun to try to decide what we are going to do.  Since this house has wood stoves, wooden beams and lots of that sort of character, I want to continue that in our bedroom.  Maybe because it if fall right now and the air is crisp, right now I am thinking that I want our room to be cozy and comfortable and to remind me a bit of a wood cabin feel.  That would appeal to Prince Charming since he doesn’t tend to like the floral quilts I have been drawn to in the past. 

Here are some pictures I have found inspiring:

Not so bad

I am feeling so lucky, the repair man was completely reasonable and fixed our washer and it only cost us a little money!!!  We have had some unexpected expenses this month.  And on a month that we are moving, we could have done without it, but I think we will be just fine.  Planning helps prepare even for those things that you don’t expect I guess. 

Wouldn’t You Know

Wouldn’t you know that ONE week before our move our washer stopped working!!!  We have a guy coming tomorrow to look at it but we DO NOT need this expense right now!

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